Peloponnese Villa Lissandra

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Luxury Villa Description

Villa Lissandra is a high end, organic certified agro farm, unique in its location, set into the foot of a sun-kissed cliff, overlooking the Ionian Sea, in perfect harmony with nature. It exudes an intimate yet cosmopolitan feel that is bound to capture the heart and soul of its prominent guests. The minimalist luxury mansion evokes the highest level of comfort and luxury. The Estate fascinatingly combines sleek interiors with generous outdoor privacy where indulgence is only enhanced by the captivating views of the shimmering Ionian Sea. The Estate’s elite clientele can immerse themselves in sheer bliss as they succumb into a tranquil world of pampering and pure nature interaction.

The Villa hosts it’s own personal Wine Cellar, with wines from Greece and abroad. Try them with some local gastronomy.

Villa Lisandra‘s garden lies around the mansion and the villas.
A huge variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs grow in formal beds, bordered by espaliered fruit trees and intersected by walkways. Everything in the garden is edible or medicinal and useful, nothing merely ornamental. Apart from nourishment, the garden also is aesthetically pleasing. As you wander around you smell indigenous herb gardens as well as the blossoms and flowers from whatever may be in bloom at that time of the season. You can even join the Estate’s gardener to pick up some of the fruits and flowers on your own.

If you decide to take a walk around the Estate you will have a chance to see some of the animals, wild and domestic, such as hawks, horses, rabbits, foxes, chickens, pigs, frogs, turtles and more.

Within the Estate there are 1200 olive trees from which we produce our own organic extra virgin olive oil.
Zea is probably the oldest cereal of this world and stood for a key component in the diet of Ancient Greeks. Our field of zea cultivation allows us to make our own zea flour and bake bread and cookies.
From our vineyard, which grows only Greek type grapes, we produce house wine, Greek grapa (tsipouro) as well as table grapes.
From our beehive we produce organic honey, as fresh and tasty as it can ever be.

Huge planes, perennial olive trees and ancient masterpieces compose a dream destination of peacefulness, a land selected by Gods. Nature harmonically blends with heritage in a set of astonishing beauty and tranquility. Enjoy a wonderful walk in one of the world’s most important archaeological sites.

Step into the scenery of your own epic in the exhaustingly long Golden beach, minutes away from the villa. The golden sand, the Greek sun, the crystal blue waters and the Ionian breeze will follow you for the rest of the year. Or even longer.

Villa Lissandra is the perfect place for romantic, splendid weddings, family celebrations, glamorous private events, business gatherings and more. Live unforgettable moments in a unique place surrounded by beautiful scenery, modern design and breathtaking view of the sun sinking in the sea.

Luxury Villa Features

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Luxury Villa Distances

To Closest Airport: Araxos, 35′ drive
To Closest Port: Kyllini, 10′ drive
To Closest Town: Kyllini, 10′ drive
To Closest Beach: Chrisi Akti, 10′ walk/ 2′ drive
To Kalamata Airport: 90′ drive
To Patra: 40′ drive
To Pyrgos: 25′ drive
To Athens: 150′ drive
To Kourouta: 25′ drive
To Chlemoutsi Castle: 5′ drive
To Ancient Olympia: 30′ drive
To Apollo Epicurius Temple: 90′ drive
To Zakynthos: 60′
To Kefalonia: 120′

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