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Mykonos Villa Altec 1

Elegant villa with incredible views

Agios Ioannis
Mykonos Villa Altec 1 jumbotron image

1 bedroom villa, Private Pool, Beach Front & views out towards the island of Delos

The bay of Agios Ioannis is admired as one of the most beautiful parts of Mykonos Island, famous and renowned for the clarity of the blue sea water in the bay, sun-drenched sandy beaches, and incredible views out towards the island of Delos, it is an extremely popular and favorite holiday destination.

Providing ample space and total privacy, the villa with its own private pool is surrounded by natural rockery and indigenous island plants. Huge verandas border the villa, commanding breathtaking views spanning the serene magnificence of the Aegean.




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Private Pool

Breakfast Included In Price


Sea view

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